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Burning feeling after squeezing out a fart

This is sooo embarassing to type out but i need help! :( I'm also female, in case you're curious.

On Tuesday November 6th, i squeezed out a fart. Now, you know when you're sitting and you feel a "bubble"? That's what i got. Now, i was squeezing them out very hard. I wish i didn't do this and now, I've had a burning feeling around the opening of my vagina. At first, i thought i had a UTI because with the burning and me urinating together, i panicked a little but it wasn't that.

I can feel this when I'm standing up and walking and sitting down. Is there anything i can do or is it a muscle i pulled really bad and i have to wait it out until it slowly goes away? As of now, it comes and goes sometimes. I'm worried this is something serious and this has NEVER happened to me before.

Please help!
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I'm sorry to hear you're having some trouble.  As a heart doctor I am probably not the right person to answer this question.  I suggest speaking to your ob/gyn physician.  Best of luck!
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Oh my gosh, i didn't know i submitted this to the wrong forum! Please forgive me! :((
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Heh-heh.  It does lighten up a sometimes quiet forum.  Speaking of that, probably best to avoid lighted matches hereabouts.  ;-)

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