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CT Angio

Below is my brief history with the latest CT Angio result.  Since the last six months I have been feeling tightness in my chest during brisk walking but no pain.  My physician associated this with Bronchial Asthma and prescribed Seritide Diskus 250 which I am using twice a day.chest tightness. Still I wasn't satisfied and went for CT Angio which revealed that there is a graft stump on the anterior aspect of the ascending thoracic aorta with an unopacified body and the graft is occluded.

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History of CABG with three grafts in 2000.  Non-contrast study was performed followed by A64 high resolution gated cardiac volume study in the transaxial projection using 0.625-mm slices with non-ionic contrast material (xenetix) during 5 seconds breath hold.  Axial two ... [More] dimensial images were reconstructed using an AW workstation.  The heart rate during the scan was 70 BPM.  Cioronary Calcium score is 65, mild calcification.  Two patent grafts were identified.  LIMA is anastomosed to mid LAD and is patent throughout.  SVG is anastomosed with second obtuse marginal artery and is patent as well. In addition to the above, there is a graft stump on the enterior aspect of the ascending thoracic aorta with an unopacified body.  This is an occluded graft.  Left Coronary Tree:  The LAD is extensively diseased.  The left circumflex artery is small in caliber with no gross lesion.  The second obtuse marginal artery is being bypassed by an SVG graft.  The first obtuse marginal artery and the second diagonal branch are grossly normal. The first diagonal branch is medium caliber vessel  which is partially obscured by an adjacent clip. ED Volume is 106 cm3, ES Volume is 37 cm3, Stroke volume is 69 cm3, Ejection fraction is 65%.

Can anyone please comment on my medical situation.
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