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Center Upper Chest Center Upper back Shoulderblade Pain

I have been diagnosed with moderate coronary heart disease.  About the last month I have noticed pain in my upper chest area which can also be felt in my upper back between shoulderblade area.  I do also feel it effects my breathing while laying down. Is this any cause for immediate concern?
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Certainly wouldn't hurt to go get checked out by your cardiologist.  Do  you have chest pressure or chest pain?  A nuke stress test could be valuable in easing your concerns, especially since you've already been diagnosed w/ moderate coronary artery disease.  By the by, how were you diagnosed w/ mild CAD?  What test(s) did the doc do?  Good luck and hope you get great results.
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I had a stress test which turned up abnormal.  Then the cardiologist set me up for a heart cath.  It was then determined that my arteries were 40% blocked and he wanted me put on vytorin and 325 m of aspirin per day.  I chose to take fish oil and niocin instead.  I'm going to see my internal med physician to have my cholesterol checked again.  My dad died of coronary heart disease in 93.  
I believe my situation is linked to family history.  

The pain I'm experiencing is more pressure in my upper back right shoulder blade area this morning.  I'm also feeling some pressure in my chest front right.  I know I have to have it looked at sooner or later but I've been there before and I just hate doctors and hospital...........    
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You might have gall bladder disease.  If I remember correctly, pain between the shoulder blades may be referred pain from the gallbladder.  Ask your doctor.
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