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Chest discomfort question

Hi All.

I have been expreiencing some strage symptoms that have lasted for about three years. I am 30 years old and am overweight with HBP. I take Metoprolol for that.

I sometimes get chest discomfort at different spots in my chest, best way to describe it is a gnawing feeling. This doesnt happen while exercising, and I have not experienced shortness of breath. I have had 2 EKG's and blood work done and my doctor says that everything appears normal. He diagnosed me with panic and anxiety disorder a number of years ago and tells me that, that is where my pain comes from.

Anyone have opinions on whther this sounds cardiac in nature?
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Dear jokerofspades:

If you've had a complete battery of tests and results indicate no cardiac problems, then you have nothing to worry about. I have been dealing with PVC's with chest pain/burning chest sensation for the past four years. I've been to the ER six times, had numerous EKG's, bloodwork, and three Echos....all results came back normal. Doctors have informed that some people just have to deal with PVC's and the weird sensations. Not easy to get used to, but I have found that my medication (Toprol XL) has really helped to taper off the PVC's. I guess we are the lucky individuals that have to deal with this!

Just remember, if all tests came back normal, then no serious cardiac problems to worry about.

Best wishes!
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I feel your pain and I'm in the exact same boat except I occasionally get mine from activity (stairs, messin' around with my gf, etc).

Been to the ER multiple times, they've caught a mild one on EKG and the doctor said it was a PAC as it came from my upper-chambers of the heart.

It *****, big time. I've been told not to worry about it and I have a cardiology appointment in the next month or so (stupid insurance problems) so trust me, I know how bad it ***** when they say "Don't worry about it" because that's ALL you wind up doing!
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