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Chest pain in heat

I am a 38 year old female, who's had chest pain for some time now. It started about six months ago, when i was walking and felt a little hot. Went to see a cardiologist who did a thalium stress test which came back negative with me reaching 170 bpm in seven minutes. For the last couple of weeks since its been hot, i've noticed that my pain starts whenever its hot. I don't have to be walking or excercising. It always happens when i'm in the heat, I could be just sitting. And the pain is localized to my left breast. What could it be? Is this heart related. Please help. I'm going really anxious about this and feel that I need to have a cath to find answers for sure.

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You should always check any chest pain with a doctor but it could possibly be from muscle pain due to dehydration from the heat. Just a thought. Try drinking more water and see if it improves, but definitely check it out with a doc if it is concerning you.
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I am going through the same experience.  Whenever I am exposed to heat, I get a sharp pain in one spot just above my right breast.  The source of heat can be due to a hot flash, a hot shower, opening a hot oven, having the hot sun on me, etc.  If i blow the air conditioner on me, it immediately disappears.  I too have had a Thalium stress test which was negative.  My internist doesn't know what to make of it and thinks my next step should be to see a neurologist.  Have you had any solution to the problem?

From: Heat_Hater
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im having the same problem, and im 15. i've seen heart specialists and they said it might be a chest muscle problem, im back seeing my doctor today, to see what he says about it. i dont  get the pain often, only when im in a hot classroom, or the suns on me, or other things, but when i do its a hot crushing type pain.  :/
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I have the same wierd thing!- I did a self test out of curiousity- when I noticed my pain, right in the middle of my chest, is heat related. I opened a hot tap and held my (right) hand under it- nothing happend. I then hold my (left) hand under it- and it triggered the pain imediately!!!- as I took it away- the pain stopped- and started the moment I put my LEFT hand back under the water- tried right hand again- but nothing happens there.

I'm quite conserned now- and will try to see my doc today after work- if anything comes out by it- I'll  write again.
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Hello Again.
I have been to the doctor last night- he found my symptoms very odd and didn't know what to say to it... (very helpfull!!! :-( )- eventually he prognosed it as stress and anxiety. However I'm in strong doubts about that, as it doesn't just come and go- it literly only comes (I have tested and tried out further things) - when my left hand is exposed to heat! - not any other part of my body- and the pain I get in that moment - as hotter as worse- like crushing, squeezing- very badly!

About myself- I'm 25 years old- female,..never had any seriousl illnesses- operations or anything of that kind!

The doctor agreed to book me in for a heart check- after me asking for it- in terms rather safe then sorry. So I will have to wait for that now.

Can any of you please feed back on my very odd experience- do you only react to heat generally- or is it a particular part of your body that does?-
I'd very much like to know if I'm the only one with those weird symptoms- and even more- what it is- and what you can do about it!- is it serious- dangerous?...
Is there a solution?
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Hi all, it's summer again and my heat related chest pain is back again with :( I only have to stand outside in the sun for a couple of minutes and my chest pain starts. In the last three years I've had 2 nuclear stress tests and one echo stress and all came back normal. I am very concerned though as it's hard to ignore your symptoms when they happen :( Was wondering if anyone on this trail every got an answer to their similar symptoms
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Wondering if anyone learned anything from this?  In particular Dentalmaniac and Heat_Hater as my symptoms seem to be most in line with yours - hot shower, hot sun, etc.  Have your doctors figured out anything more than to just diagnose with anxiety?
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Hi, I have been experiencing what all of you describe! Its the weiredest thing! Doctors don't have much to say about.  I am 36 years old and have been experienicing this for about three years... it doesnt seem to be heart related but it sure feels like it is, as the pain seems to come from the heart area. About a year ago because of acid reflux I had to go on special diet to see if I had any food allergies.  After turning to whole foods and AND EATING NO MORE DAIRY PRODUCTS. (milk eggs cheese, or anything with dany amount of dairy in it) !!  My symptoms actually WENT AWAY When I eat anything dairy, the pain in my chest (when in heat) returns again until I rid myself of the dairy which takes a few days....cheese seems to really aggrivate this....PLEASE TRY DOING A FOOD ELIMINATION DIET!! Eliminate common allergen foods (for me it was dairy) The elimination diet for me was basically, chicken, rice, veggies, fruit....for a time being. Then inroduce one thing at a time in one week intervals. Please let me know if u have any questions! I wuld like to help if I can!
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Wow - I am glad you found a way to eliminate the pain in your chest in the heat.  I'm going to try the food elimination diet and see if it will help me, too.  The pain scares me and it's embarassing because I want to run to the air conditioning to make the pain go away right away.  My poor fiance has been walking the dogs alone in the afternoon because I just can't custer up the courage to go out there.  And sometimes, as last night, when it was nearly 95 degrees at 6:00 in the evening, I get the pain even when I walk from the car to the grocery store - at which point I steer myself to the refrigerated aisles to ensure the pain stays away. Thank you for posting - I'll look up how to conduct a food elimination diet and begin trying it right away.
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I seem to be getting this same pain all of a sudden in the shower. It stops as soon as I get out. It is a tight pain in my left breast area, almost throbbing. I am very sensitive to the heat, humidity, and hot sun. I had an ekg and a stress test in the past year, all came back fine. I am a long distance runner and have had problems with heart palpitations when I have any kind of soy in my diet. I am going to try getting the dairy out of my diet. I totally believe this could be diet related.
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My dr diagnosed me with costochodritis. I may have spelled that completely wrong so I apologize. It is swelling in the cartilage in my chest. I too have extreme pain in my chest (right side mostly but some left and center as well) and I originally had a small lump on my right side. It wasn't in breast tissue so I wasn't too concerned, but when it seemed to grow into a swelling in my right side, I wanted to get it checked. He prescribed me an inhaler for when the pain makes me short of breath, and he also prescribed an anti inflammatory cream. I am going to get a chest xray soon as well ... just in case. I know this post is old, but I wanted to respond because just as I am searching for answers, someone else could be too. Good luck everyone!
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Hello all! I have a similar issue going on. Lately (within the past couple days) this pain has come about. Only when I am in the shower I get a sharp pain in the left side of my chest. As the pain grew stronger, I put my hand on my heart and noticed it was really beating hard. Once I had gotten out of the shower, the pain slowly went away, and my heart beat slowed down. Being 16, I have never been concerned about any heart related issues. About 2 months ago I had a heart exam and everything was in great shape. But should I be concerned about this with it happening so recently? The pain gets so unbearable I have to cut my showers short. And I found it particularly odd that my heart was really really ponding once I placed my fingers over it. I want to think it is nothing and avoid it, but I should take the safe route as well. I just wanted to see if anyone was experiencing anything that I was.
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