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Chest pain that travelling

Dear All,
Please help me out from this situation.Last two month ago my blood pressure fluctuate  slightly but not more than 135/95 mm hg .I am 30 years old and a married guy.Last three month ago  I was shifted from my homeland Bangladesh to Kuwait .After arriving 1.5 month all things goes well but after one month i was done blood test for my blood pressure and result shown my cholesterol level slightly high which was 5.75 mmol/l which means 222 and triglyceride was also slightly high which was 178 and after that my GP suggest me to observe my blood pressure seven days .After that i start to monitor and found at late night when i experienced sleeping problem then my blood pressure going high but not more than 140/95 mm hg. Then doctor told me to modify my life style and I start exercise every day and avoid to take fatty food.After 10 days passing with this exercise and modifying diet i was experienced chest pain beneath my left beast bone and gp suggest me to take proton pump inhibitor and domperidone and i do that but the scenario not change .After passing one month with this condition i was admitted in hospital due to chest pain and casualty doctor perform x-ray,blood test,cardiac enzyme profile test,ECG and every thing come normal and send back to home with muscle relaxant.After three or four days i was admitted in hospital with same complaint and observe that my body weight reduced 62 to 60 kg on this time and i am in 5 feet 6 inch height.Then next day casualty doctor recommended lipid profile test and refereed to cardiologist.My lipid profile after one and half month exercising and diet improving .Total cholesterol 188 and TG 151 and HDL 31.On this time i perform 8 th or more ECG For same complain and 5 or more Cardiac enzyme test all are found within limit except one test CMBX found 25.88 where its level 1-24.After a long painful waiting of another 1 days i get appointment with cardiologist and he perforn 2D Echo and stress test and told me that the pain not from cardiac origin.But after one or two days i experienced same pain which is not so mild but a slight pain sensation at a point .sometimes under the throat, sometimes center of the chest ,sometime under breast bone and burning sensation on middle left back and sometime below the armpit.When this sensation occur i get much worried and admitted in hospital done ecg ,blood cardiac profile ,report get normal and send back to home.On thee meantime i take gastric medication like omeperazole 20 mg twice daily,Gaviscon and domperidone ( 5 days).After a Casualty doctor told me it is a psychiatric problem but i get symptoms physically and he also reffered me to gastroenterologist and my gastroenterologist prescribe those medication that i already take .After one week i get schedule of Endoscopy upper and it also come normal.What should i do on this situation ? Now weight reduced dramatically and i am now 57 KG,

Pain Type:
Not so harsh,Slight cramping type pain
one time in one location and change location
Burning sensation at middle left back ,most of the time middle of the day
Cramping of abdominal muscle after talking food
Constipation and gassy stool
I am also asthmatic patient.
sometime get relief after defecation and belching
Sometime pain in shoulder or arms but look like within bone
Most of the time pain is now under arms and throat .
Sometimes the pain is also Right chest.
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