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Coronary Angiography Report - Advice Needed


Below the details of Report of Coronary Arteriography  of my father in law (68 years)
Would like to know what is  the right choice based on the report.
Left main: Normal

LAD: Type III vessel Severe (90%) stenosis in the proximal segment present.
Diagonals are of thin calibre.

LCx: Codominant vessel Severe (90%) stenosis in the proximal and distal segment present. OM1 is normal, OM2 has Severe (90%) stenosis in the proximal segment.

PLVs are normal.

RCA: Codominant vessel normal.

PDA is normal.
Cath Diagnosis: HTN, CAD-AOE II
                        SEVERE TVD  
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If the doctor suggests the stents, I would certainly go for that.

It requires minimal surgery, is quite safe and minimizes hospital stay to one day. After that, one week of taking it easy (mainly for the entry wound). The patient will have to take anticoagulant meds for a year to prevent clotting of the stents.

The by-pass surgery requires a much longer hospital stay (8 days?) and a much longer recuperation time (>3 months).

The stent solution is a quick and easy fix. However, the more stents that are placed, the more risk there is of complications (during surgery or afterwards). Also, not all blockages are stentable.
Often, the bypass surgery is thought of as the more durable solution, but there are a lot of people who do not agree with this.

Your father in law will need at least four stents, but that is manageable.
It will normally take about 1hour for the whole procedure, after which he will feel much better.

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Above is Coronary Angiography Report of my father in law (68 years)

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Your father in law needs an interventional procedure, as these blockages are too severe to treat with medication alone.
As interventional procedure there are 2 possibilities:
1 open heart by-pass surgey
2 PCI (placement of stents)

Both procedures have their advantages/disadvantages.
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Doctor suggested for Stents
kindly guide me advantages & disadvantages of it.
thnx for info
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