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Decreased Left Ventricular Wall Thickness

I recently had an echocardiogram. My results were all normal except the following:
Left ventrical wall thickness is decreased & Left ventrical basal fractional shortening is decreased.
Is this anything to be concerned about?

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There are two characterizations of heart walls.  It can be thickened and when serious it would compromise the filling phase of the heart cycle because the wall would not relax but would be rigid and unyielding to filling pressures (diastolic phase).  

A thin wall can indicate the heart chamber has increased and that condition could reduce contractility (pumping phase, systolic).

Fractional shortening is using the difference between filling chamber size diastole (max size) to that of size of chamber after systole (min size) and divided by diastole.  If I remember correctly above 26% is normal.  Below may indicate the cardiac output may be reduced abnormally.  Do you have the dimensions and FS calculation?   Your EF?

Thanks for the question and if you have any further questions or comments you are welcome to respond.  Take care,

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First off Ken, thank you so very much for answering my post. I truely appreciate it!
I have all kinds of numbers on this page. I will put my left ventrical info here. I am assuming that the LV means left ventrical. I am new to the heart information, first time getting any of this done. I got sent to the cardiologist because of an occlusion, lupus & their concerns with my chest pains. I also had a huge palpatation was pretty scary to me. Felt like someone punching me from the inside to my chest wall. That freaked me out to be honest. Im not sure if the lupus is what did this or what, my EKG was perfect from what the doctor said. I do know that some of my family has heart disease and with in the last year my blood pressure has dropped. My norm has always been 110/79 now its usually 95/65 I also did loose about 10lbs though, so I figured at the time it was due to me losing a little weight. I did gain some of it back but my blood pressure is still usually at 95/65 anyway. But then again I was told my chest pains were heart burn. Go figure. Here are the numbers and thank you so much for answering my post. =)

LVID Diast 4.25cm   NI 3.9-5.3   Syst 3.12cm
LVPW Diast 0.53cm  NI 0.6-0.9

LVEF 65% biplane method of discs
LVFS 26.6%
Septal E 0.16m/s
Lateral E 0.18m/s
LV SV 73.6ml
LV SI 41.6ml/m2
LVCO 5.93 l/min
LVCI 3.35 l/min/m2

LVOT VIT 0.208m
LVOT Vmax 0.91m/s

Again, thank you so much Ken you are much appreciated!
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BTW the occulsion was in the eye.
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The occulsion I had was of the eye, just realized I didnt say.
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Sorry for the delay,,busy putting my computers on a wireless network.

Your heart's functionality couldn't be better. Normal ejection fraction (amount of blood the heart pumps with each stroke) is an EF of 50 to 70%.

Wall dimensions are within a normal range.  The FS is low normal, but it doesn't effect your good EF.  If there were a serious problem indicated by the FS, the EF would more than likely be below 50%.  Fractional shortening: 26 to 30% indicates a mild decrease in EF (your EF is good 65%), above 30 is considered normal.

It doesn't appear you have any heart issues based the report.  Hope this helps and if you have any further questions or comments you are welcome to reply.  Thanks for sharing and I wish you well going forward.


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