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Dizziness, dyspnea and fatigue 5 months after inferior MI

My husband had an inferior MI in July, with stent placement for 100% occluded RCA. No prior symptoms. No BP issues, normal weight prior. Initial recovery unremarkable, except for hypotension. Placed on Brilinta and low dose aspirin, no beta blocker due to low BP. Dizziness started September. Did 48 hour holter monitor test, reported normal. By November, dizziness worsening and extreme fatigue with weight gain of 26# since MI. Placed on 20 mg Lasix, increased to 40 mg, no weight loss. No leg edema but belly big and cannot button top button on shirts. Chest xray and BNP reported normal. Echo scheduled this week. Has episodes of extreme weakness like hypoglycemic feeling (not diabetic), blood sugar monitored at these times and is normal. Blood chemistries checked in August and normal. We are quite concerned as overall health declining and no answers evident. Anyone with similar experience?
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Welcome to the forum and to MedHelp.  Sorry about your husband's situation and hopefully you will get answers so this can be improved.  Has the doctor suggested that perhaps some of his symptoms are actually side effects of the medication he is taking? Here is a side effect profile that may be enlightening that some of what you describe is stated as side effects to Brilinta. https://www.webmd.com/drugs/2/drug-156521/brilinta-oral/details/list-sideeffects .

Please know we are thinking of you and look forward to how this transpires so that your husband can feel better.
We wish you both the best of health.
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