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Does Resting Heart Rate Affect Blood Pressure?

After a recent check-up, the nurse notified me that my blood pressure was high. The past few times I'd had it taken, it had been higher than I expected, so I borrowed my mom's sphygmomanometer and have been keeping tabs on it the past few weeks. My BP readings have averaged around 135/78, and I realize this is classified as prehypertension. one thing I've notices is that the systolic changes frequently, ranging from 156 to 119, but my diastolic hardly ever changes, ranging between 73 and 82.  Is there an explanation for this?

Additionally, I have a low resting HR, about 44, and I was wondering in my low heart rate could affect my blood pressure.

I'm 19 years old, 6'2", 170lbs, and an avid swimmer and runner. I eat a relatively healthy diet and exercise frequently. I do know that high blood pressure runs in the family, but I didn't think mine would be so early-onset. Any ideas? Appreciate feedback.
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I'm 19 and i had this problem, ive had echocardiogram and everything it's just white coat anxiety/hypertension...the systolic is high because you're heart is beating harder when you're anxious and your diastolic is great which is more important at our age.
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You may want to take a look at your moms home blood pressure monitor. They are notorious for being inaccurate unless they are calibrated annually at the very least.  I would take the monitor either to your docs office and check it against theirs or take it to your local pharmacy where they have the self testers and test it against theirs.  Both the docs and the pharmacy b/p monitors are calibrated on an annual basis for accuracy.  Good luck to you and let us know how it all works out for  you and Happy New Year Ben....
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your low resting heart rate is no worry as long as there are no associated symptoms like dizziness etc. high caliber athletes are notorious for having low heart rate. however, the low heart rate is in contradiction with the bp readings. you might want to take consecutive readings throughout the day and see how they change. the fact that you're thinking about your bp before you take it is enough to increase your anxiety which would lead to a higher observed bp.
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