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ECG - suspect anterior myocardial infarction


i am 33 male 5'7" and 70Kg weight. Yesterday as a toutine health check up i tool an ECG which gives me abnormal results.

1. suspect anterior myocardial infarction
2. suspect posterior myocardial infarction
3. Slight ST- T abnormality.
4. Tachicardia - 116 BPM

No chest pain but i always had palpitations (90-100) and when i took above ecg my heart beat was 116BPM.

I was diagnose with panic attack before a year and iam using cymbalta (duloxitine) for same. Before 3 months i had a ecg and holter monitor which shows OK. I didnt met a cardiologist with my recent ECG report. Please let me know about this problem

Additional Info - BP 140/60 - 180/100
All other blood tests are OK except Cholestrol test
Lipid Profile - 240 LDL, 60HDL
always feel dizzy since 2 years (for this i have had MRI brain , spine. Spinal MRI says mild disc dehydration seen at c2-c7)

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I'm sorry that I can't tell you much about your tests but I can tell you that Cymbalta can raise your BP. It's mainly used for depression only. It does'nt help much with anxiety. It is one of the more stimulating antidepressants. So, you may want to talk to your Dr about Cymbalta causing the high BP, high HR and abnormal ECG results. It may be the culprit.
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I'm not sure what your question is. You apparently have an abnormal EKG. Square two is generally a stress test, either chemically mediated or without, depending on your cardiologist.
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The ST-T changes on the ECG can be a sign for a heart attack. They should have taken blood to test your Troponin level and then repeated that test 12 hours later as confirmation.
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I stop taking cymbalta before 15 days and then took my ECG which gives me abnormal results as said above. I still thinking of my results why it is abnormal?. I also heard that ECG results are NOT 100% accurate. if this YES what test i need to confirm about my heart functionality?
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An EKG checks the electrical signal around the heart and can pick up abnormal heart functions. For example, the ventricles taking too long to contract or relax, or the atria being abnormally fast. Many things can be detected on an EKG and yes the placement of the leads can sometimes give wrong results, which is why they usually do a repeat if something unexpected is seen. To see the actual physical movement of the heart, see the valves and the dimensions of wall thickness, overall heart size etc, you need an Echocardiogram. Then to see the arteries condition you need an angiogram or ct-angio and to back this up there is the possibility for a nuclear scan.
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