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I am 53 yrs old male, non smoker, non drinker and healthy.I have been having some PVC's lately. I recently went for stress test, echo and holter monitor and blood tests.
Stress Test was good with 17 min. bruce protocol
Holter monitor shows sinus rhythm and 2% PVc's and no runs (quite stressed at night with holter on)
Blood tests are normal.

Here is Echo:

Aorta: 27mm, LA: 34mm,  LVd: 38mm, VS: 7mm, PW: 7mm, LV mass: 72g, LVMI(g/m2): 44
LV E(cm/s) :63, LV A (cm/s): 59, LV E/A : 1.1, DT(ms): 206
LVEF: 58% ( sinus rhythm and I was quite relaxed.)
Report says Left and right ventricle sizes are normal,  LV systolic function is mildly depressed (EF 58%). Right is normal and Atrial size is normal. Right atrial pressure is 3 mmHg. Left atrial volume index 25ml/m2.

My previous echo 10 yrs ago had almost same readings except LVd: was 40mm compared to 38mm  and PW was 8mm compared to 7mm. My LVEF was 75% with sinus tachycardia ( I was extremely anxious).

I had meeting with cardiologist and he says my EF is mildly depressed and should be over 60%. I may have mild dilated cardiomyopathy and we should get MRI. I am ok with.  I asked another cardiologist and he said 58% is perfectly normal and EF increases with stress and anxiety.

My question is: If I have cardiomyopathy, should my chamber sizes not increase or enlarge. In fact it shows slightly smaller than before (it was 40mm and now 38mm, wall thickness was 8mm and now 7mm). I was 17 min. on tread mill with no Ischemia.

Need some input as I was a bit confused and nervous.
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Hi there. The EF of 58% is good. The normal approx measured range is 55 to 70%. The chambers do tend to enlarge over time , but your numbers are close to normal and an enlargement would be slight and take a long time. ( I had an EF of 15% and had a left chamber enlargement, caused by as BP crisis. After things were controlled, the EF went up to 45%. Anyway, your test results are very positive and the MRI will re assure you i think. Its hard not to be nervous, but just tune out of heart worries, one day at a time. Trust your doctor too
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Thank you
In fact my ventricular size in last echo was 40mm and this time 38mm. Report says normal ventricular sizes both left and right. I assume there is no enlargement as size did not increase.
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