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my wife age 39 having diluted cardiomayopathy no symptoms of short breath, swelling, pain etc. docter says unknon cause. now treatment is carvedilol 12.5 mg twice. ramipril 2.5 mg once. spiromide 20mg once. loprin 75 mg once. q10 enzyme 50mg once.  Is it a good treatment for the patient. kindly reply
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can anybody help me
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Of course you are worried.  However, cardiomyopathy is not simple to treat, and only your wife's doctor knows her medical history and current health.  We on this forum are not physicians, so we cannot give you professional advice.

I suggest you write down all your questions and make another appointment with her doctor to help you both understand her illness and the best treatment.
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is she able to perform her activities ? does she have any problems with her activities ? is she getting fatigue or tired ?
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