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EKG normal, still chest discomfort/pain


I'm a 33 year old male, 5'10, 170 lbs. Roller blade and or ice skate once or twice a week. Smoker for 8 years/drink once a week. Parent and grandparent have had heart attacks (parent had two before the age of 50)

Eight days ago, I began with some chest discomfort. I went to Urgent Care. My blood pressure was high at 171/90-something. EKG was done to, which was normal. Doctor there said I had inflammation and prescribed Naproxen and Voltran Gel. I have never had an issue with blood pressure before so doc said it may be high do to stress/lack of sleep. etc.

I took my blood pressure again that night at the pharmacy and it was 151/90. The next day at the pharmacy I took it again and it was 138/86. I've cut down on caffeine and began drinking about 50-60 ounces of water a day (with lemons) to bring the blood pressure down.

I started the meds described and I was feeling better until last night when I started to get a pain in the center of my chest (more to the right center if that makes sense) that comes and goes.

I have an appt, with my primary doctor on the 30th of this month (as early as I could get in for a routine physical).

A few things. Because of family history, I'm concerned about this. When I go to my doc appt. on the 30th, what should I ask for? I know my EKG was normal so I'm not having a heart attack now but what test should I ask for in terms of finding blockage, etc. Should I insist that I be referred to a cardiologist to get all the necessary tests?

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First of all.... stop smoking!!!!   Your blood preasure is higher than it should be.   It's good your having a physical soon.   If your blood preasure is still high at your exam you need to find out why.   Smoking can contribute to high blood preasure.   When was the last time you had a chest X-ray?  Ask at your physical exam.    

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Update: I went to my family doctor today and saw a doctor from the practice (my PCP is off). Explained the situation.  Blood pressure was 150/100 and another EKG was normal.  Said the imflamation hasn't cleared up yet .  I suggested I'd like to see a cardiologist but the doc said he saw no reason for it. I have a normal physical still set up for the 30th. Please any thoughts you have
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