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Ecg otherwise normal another says NORMAL!???

so I went into the er on october 29 after a miscarriage and I was having panic attacks.I was shaking and cold and nervous and the nurse didnt add all the leads on me. This was the result pictured bellow.


I was sooo stressed out and worried that I had a heart issue that I went back on monday November 30th? I was calm, and warm and the leads were placed on my arms and legs along with my chest. I stayed still while they took the ecg, very still unlike last time and this was the result pictured bellow.


The dr's kept me there for 5 hours and monitored my heart, listened to it and even had the head dr listen and do some tests. They said my heart was very healthy!!! and the first ecg was something called a normal variant and it was nothing but a slip in the ecg. that If it were wpws it would have appeared on the whole ecg and not just the first part.

The second ecg shows a normal sinus rhythm with arhythmia due to anxiety  cause stress, can affect your heart's natural beating pattern. So they gave me meds for my panic attacks. they also laughed at me and said I was fine.

so does this mean YES, I am fine??/ xD
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You are fine, go enjoy your life! There are times the EKG can be run with just a few leads. (We ran them all the time in the ER during cardiac arrests; you don't have time to hook a person up to all of the leads) If you had WPW it would have shown up in ALL of the leads with the classic Delta Wave which is easily seen on the EKG Complex. You are having a sinus arrhythmia varient. Your breathing affects the EKG. Why are you so worried about this?
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i wanted to see if It was all good. I know sinus arrhythmia's are caused by panic attacks so I am not worried bout it. I guess you can say I have OCD abit?

I wanted to see what causes this mistake and slip up is all.

I have meds for my panic attacks now and and less stressed knowing my ecg were both fine.
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