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Hi all im making myself sick with worry... i have only just found out that i have mild systolic dysfunction and i cant stop crying and worrying i have a 19month old daughter and am currently pregnant with number 2 =] i have had heaps of tests and all have came back normal... except the echo my EF is 45-50% everything i have red from google is BAD BAD BAD saying life expectancy is 5 years :( im just not coping with the fact i would not get to see my babys grow up! i am very obese... they checked me out because i had shortness of breath... and slight sharp chest pain i am not on carvidol 6.25 mg and am feeling fine shortness of breath seemed to get better when i noticed my belly dropped... i wanna know how bad is what i have and can i fix it and will i live till im old and grey?

UPDATE: I had a echo yesterday and my EF is now at 50% they kept saying this is common in grade one? grade one what!!! i wouldnt have a clue am i improving?
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   Low EF would not cause much concern if you do not worry about it too much. Post heart attack in 2007, I have living in happiness with EF of 30%.Life style changes and moderate exercises have effected remarkable changes. As for life expectancy who except the creator God can predict about one's life expectancy.? Be good at heart, follow a definite life style routine, mild exercises,avoiding unnecessary worries - all these can contribute to your well-being to a great extent. Live the day...do not be bothered about what is going to happen the next day.Those things are not in our control. Good luck.Take care.God bless you.
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They are most likely talking about grade 1 diastolic dysfunction which is mild and not a life threatening problem. This means that your heart does not relax properly in the diastolic phase which is when the left ventricle fills with blood. This can be caused by some deconditioning of your heart muscle from being in poor physical condition overall from being inactive or some stiffening of the ventricle walls due to long term high blood pressure.  Your EF% is now in the low range of normal so there really is nothing you need to worry about.

This is a common finding and will go away normally if the underlying condition is resolved. Just work with your doctor to find the cause and treat it accordingly. It could very well be gone the next time you have an echo so don't panic, follow your doctor's advice and you should be fine.

Good luck,

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Thankx so much i know the cause its my weight i am very obese morbitly at that so i think once the pregnacy is over and i can focus on loosing weight and becoming a heathly weight this will all be a distant memory... i do trust the lord but im also a over thinker... =[ wish i wasnt but i belive that he will carry me through this =]
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