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Echo report

I hd taken an echo cardiogram on 25/09/2016 as a part of Executive Health Check up. The report says in its Conclusion RWMA present LVEF 55%. Mild MR, Mild AR
I am under medication ( Clopilet 75 mg 1_0_0, Ecospirin 150 mg 1_0_0, Atrolip F 0_0_1 _daily) for the last 7 years after CABG done on 29/07/2009
Post CABG Reports of Echo  on 20/07/2009 & 03/08 /2009 says no RWMA and LVEF 60%, MR Trivial , Normal LV Systolic function
Now the Consulting Doctor hs reduced the medication with only Ecospirin Gold 0-0-1 with all the earlier medicines to be stopped.
I seek your advice on the signifance of presence of RWMA & lower  LVEF OF 55%.

This discussion is related to Meaning of Echo n whats the treatment?.
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