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Echocardiogram--severe bilateral enlargement

What does this diagnosis mean?
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Hi Im not a doctor but will tell you what I know. Bilateral is where both Atrium are enlarged. The ECG would only be a starting point in investigating whats causing it. How is your general Health? Do you smoke? How are you BP numbers? the BP numbers are important to know especially in this instance.  Do you take any medications ?  Do you exercise much? Your info supplied was very limited. Have you had an Echo or an Angiogram yet? Obviously you need to consult a Cardiologist. A full battery of tests are needed promptly to address whats going on. Keep us posted
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Well - tacolino summed it up. The problem is establishing the etiology. Ask your cardiologist about possible causes. The medical issue is to prevent further damage. This will probably involve live-style changes.
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Bilateral means that there is enlargement at both sides of the heart. This can involve the atria as well as the ventricles.
An heart can become enlarged from different causes, one of them is high blood pressure.

An enlarged heart can be treated and, for some people, it is possible to reduce the enlarged area over time.

Many of the medicines used to treat high blood pressure will also reduce heart muscle size if it is enlarged. In particular, ACE inhibitors and angiotensin receptor blockers can be very effective.

Take the advice from the previous posters, and get it properly diagnosed. The sooner you start with treatment the better.
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