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Echocardiogram Results for Comments

These are my Echocardiogram results from 12/21/2021 - - -

Mild Concentric Left Ventricle Hypertrophy (ejection % = 55 - 60)
Grade 1 Diastolic Dysfunction
Left Atrial Cavity Mildly Dilated
Right Atrial Cavity Mildly Dilated
Right Ventricle Cavity Mildly Dilated

Tricuspid Valve - Mild Regurgitation
Pulmonic Valve - Mild Regurgitation (Can you believe 7 things in the "mild" category??)

My symptoms are - difficulty breathing when supine on my back and easily fatigued. BUT I do also have Type 2 Diabetes and Hashimoto's Disease (Autoimmune Hypothyroidism). I also have moderate restrictive lung function, but this condition is about the same as it was 7 years ago. I was on MedHelp Forums in the early 2000s, only for the thyroid condition. Thanks Much, in advance for any replies.
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I couldn't see where to edit my post, so to add to t, my former Cardiologist said "moderate" concentric hypertrophy of left ventricle. I've read on reputable med. sites that there's a pretty big jump between mild & moderate LV hypertrophy. Just felt I might need to add this point.
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