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Echocardiogram question

"-There is a greater than 50% collapse of the IVC with inspiration. There is impaired LV relation with normal LV filling pressures consistent with mild diastolic dysfunction (grade 1 DD).
- The left ventricular ejection fraction is estimated at 40-45%. No regional wall motion abnormalities were noted.
-Mild mitral regurgitation, -mild aortic regurgitation. -Trace tricuspid regurgitation. The estimated right ventricular pressure is 11.55mmHG.
-There is trivial pulmonic regurgitation.  Everything else said normal.

What does this mean for me going forward? Am I likely to have heart failure? What can I do?
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Greater than 50% collapse of ivc is good.  No right side issues.  

The left does seem to have dyastolic dysfunction whicj has to do with the ventricle relaxing.  Then your ej is reduced.  You basically having a hard time pushing out enough blood to your systemic circuit but it's not too bad.

What are their plans?
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