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Extreme dizziness pain behind left breast

Hi,Im 48 years old..I have had dizziness bad for the last month,I keep blaming it on the meds i have been on,but I have stopped them and the dizziness i getting worse,sometimes i get a pain behind my left breast in my left aarm and my right jaw..i went to med dr yesterday and he did an ekg and he said it was fine,,,,my cardologist did a stress test in sept and all it showed was a small part of my heart when stressed does not get adequate oxyagen he is not worried about that,,,,my question if my heart is alright according to drs why do i get this pain in my chest and the awful dizzinesss do any of you get this way..a heart attack cant take a month to come on can it,,,this dizziness is BAD,,i do have really bad anxiety..any thoughts from some of you that have experienced heart problems
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You say the dizziness is BAD - could you have Vertigo from an inner ear infection? You can have an ear infection and not know it. I had Vertigo a few years back and the dizziness used to drop me to the floor. My doctor told me it was from an inner ear infection. Just curious if you did a lot of swimming over the summer. Swimming is what caused my inner ear infection and caused the horrible dizziness.

If you have bad anxiety it can cause chest pain too. But I am sure someone else can chime in.
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I have the same issue with chest pain in the left breast in the smae spot, doesn't hurt when you press on it! i have had a battery of test from cardio to ears, nose and throat. seen my nuro as well no one i mean no can tell me why my blood pressure drops to 104/50 and lowest has been with me passing out at home with my 16 year old and my feiance rushing me in because i dropped to 80/50 and then admitted for a week because they could even figure out how to get it to come back up after i woke up! so now im starting to have swelling with the chest pain and low pressure and its scary me really bad just between us and God!! im tired and wiped out after sex, working out, playing with my grandkids, riding my bike!! so day its to hard to do blasted laundry! PLEASE CAN ONE OF THE MANY DOCTOR'S GIVE ME A CLUE TO DIRECT ME WHERE TO GO NEXT! IM ONLY 38 YEARS OLD, ht 5'4" 154Ibs non-smoker I had pitutary tumor 3 years ago i have had that checked still as small as a ball point pin. this heart issue has been going on since and started in Decemeber 2010.
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