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How does a person continue to be a nonbeliever after surviving a heart attack and bypass surgery and has recovered 110% ?
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Well, don't ask me that question.  I am all too willing to tell of all the wonderful blessings with my God and the promises of paradise when I leave this earth. But keeping in tune with correctness, this is something only you can deal with. It is understandable to want to feel there was a higher power in your healing. I would tell you that it is God calling you, but I have learned that if He is calling you, it's only you He is talking to. I have learned not to intervene. I have to say Praise God for your healing.  And I would pray that you get the answers you need.  That's just me. Take care, Ally
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Having a heart problem does give a person a new perspective on life: what's important, what isn't. But it doesn't always turn their hearts (sorry for the pun) towards faith. People are thankful for the wonderful skills of the medical staff and the great strides made through research. Again, not always ready to think about where those gifts come from.

And then there are the folks that survive all the near death experiences just to go on as before. Yes, there are people in the hospital after bypass yelling at the nurses to bring them "real food", hamburgers and fries or pizza, instead of feeding them this hospital #$%&. Amazing. My husband actually had to step in (as a volunteer) to prevent said patient from taking a swing at the (pregnant) nurse.
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Everybody is a believer in something: even the so called atheists and the agnostics.
I do think it is a free will in this Earth, but not sure if the outcomes of our “free” actions are really on up to us or everything is ‘written’. Probably there is a blueprint and we just have to walk on our way that we don’t even a wear of: we had all already set up by the Universal Law since we were born. And if it is so, then we do not have a free will after all.:))
God? Well so much religion gave a bad name of that word. I prefer to say higher power.
And absolutely sick to hear:  “HE”….NOT he not she…..but over on any imagination.
The God of the bible is only an imaginary concept.
We need honest recognition from our soul that is in our heart by meditation. That is individual and honest. I do not like just pray like a blind chicken as many does, but ‘God’ whatever is God blesses them too, this is what they are capable of.:) Nobody better than the others,I would ad fast.... as often the 'sent pots' are behaving and made others to feel bad if they were not believers as they are (religion) One day soon we will be smarter I hope so,:) and will see how our  Universe really works.
I believe we are not that body; we have our higher self inside us. Also that we were born many times and will again until we will be free from that 3d reality.:) The 5d will be nice…..but who knows?:)
Sure religion won’t tell just misguide people. We have to ask our inner self for guide. The spark, the Light is in All of Us….
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Personally I think the skill lays with the cardiologists etc, not anything from any deity. In terms of history, it really is only the last blink of an eye that we've had any kind of knowledge to bypass vessels or stent, so what about the many millions who died before this wonderful technology and knowledge came about. Millions of children die each year from starvation, millions of humans die from disease each year, millions from heart problems each year. While I witness all this, I can't accept any deity is responsible for keeping me alive.
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