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First post in a long time - Severe CAD, arrhythmia

I was on the forum a long time ago.  I was diagnosed with 3 vessel model to severe CAD at 26 10 years ago.  I sought the best cardiologists in the country.  I was treated for my CAD, while even the best tried to dismiss my CAD.  I was diagnoses with large vessel disease and cardiac microvascular disease.  Now 10 years later, the symptoms have become patently obvious.  I have a severe familial disposition to CAD and vascular disease.

In the time since posting last, I have had 5 stents placed for aggressive CAD meeting FFR .75 requirements.  I had some of the best said "it's all in my mind"  My worst blockages have been in my LAD, RCA, and Circumflex.  I have had a heart attack with evidenced Q waves inferior wall, post attack.  For those doctors that thought it was just a "somatiform" disorder, how do you explain resulting Q waves?  Impossible.

They key for those with difficult or abnormal CAD or heart issues is to keep chasing...if one physician or group of physicians from a hospital block you, find a new group.  You would be surprised at the uber high-end group that missed my issues.  Furthermore we discovered a significant rhythm issue.  I have sick-sinus syndrome and an extreme case of rate drop.  A dual-chamber pacemaker that functions 70% of the time (42 out of every 60 minutes) treats rate drop and slow rhythm.  My syncope (fainting) has been virtually eliminated.

For those cardiologists that find it easy to dismiss complex patients, you should really ask yourself why you practice medicine.  The even more reaching question is if your superior in an "institute" dismisses a patient, should you?  Some physicians questioned my sanity for asking questions and doing research.  However these people forget that there are other people that have high-end educations that understand how to do research, and how to ask questions and review test results.  My point is clearly this--the patient must be active and ask questions.  If the physician is uncomfortable with questions, there's a reason.

The guys and girls that though my case was something that I was suffering in my head.....  Explain FFR readings that have been documented, cardiac caths that show significant blockages with FFR, and the need for pacing if everything is "made up in my head?"  I have documentation that backs up the test results and symptoms.  5 stents, a pacemaker, and significant cardiac review to sustain life is significant.  When one develops a statin sensitivity and requires it to survive--are they just a data point?  Some cardiologists that preside in Ivory Tower institutions that never have spent serious time in a cath lab sit back and snipe at patients and their cardiologists need to understand the real aspects of clinical cardiology.  A life lost due to hubris is significant.  Amazing to view this situation as a patient.
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