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Gradually Tapering off a Calcium Channel Blocker?


I would like to get off the calcium channel blocker Diltiazem 120mg which I take for angina and have been doing so for 5 years at 180mg, and the last 4 months at 120mg.  I have been successfully moving to natural supplements like omega 3-6-9, L carnitine, d ribose, and coq10.  Is it vital that I taper off slowly and gradually?  If yes, how do I do it so that my body can adjust best to not having the medication?  Should I go down to 90mg for month and then to 60mg?  Or is tapering off gradually not necessary?
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I'm also trying to taper off of it and on the 120mgs now for 25 days. What did you decide to do? Did you quit or taper down more? I don't feel well on this medication and want off of it but heard it's best to taper yet 120 is the lowest extended release dose and I'm not sure if I can switch to the 90mgs regular dose either.  Thank you!  
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I agree with Ed34.  Also, what evidence do you have that Omega 3-6-9, coq10 and the 'natural' drugs replace the benefit of the calcium channel blocker.  I take fish oil strong in Omega 3-6-9, obtained from wild fish, not farmed fish, and it helps control Trigicerides, but doesn't replace calcium channel blocker.  Also, the science of coq10 has been debated since the late 1950's, as it has never been proven in any tests that I know of that it replaces the benefit of channel blocker, other than a manufacturer's claim.
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When you say you have been successfully moving to supplements, how do you know the calcium channel blockers are no longer required when you still take them? I would speak with your Doctor because you don't want to start having episodes of vasospasm etc.
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