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Healthy, 20y/o but experiencing heart problems.

I’m 20 years old, healthy, but experiencing heart problems. It started about two years ago. I went to a cardiologist who could only tell me he thinks my heart is ‘too sensitive’ and he prescribed me Bisoprolol 2,5 mg/day. These did not help so he monitored my heart for 24 hours. Even in my sleep my heartrate went up to 200 bpm. He then prescribed Bisoprolol 5 mg/day. These helped for a while. Since a few weeks I noticed that the medication still slows my heartrate down but my heart then still beats with a lot of force, making me feel it thump in my chest and throat. The 5 mg of Bisoprolol used to get me through the day, days even. But now I take the medication in the morning and by the time it’s afternoon I feel as dizzy and uneasy as I do in the morning before taking them. Besides, I feel as if there’s a twenty pound weight on my chest. I don’t seem to breathe very deeply and I’m starting to experience some struggles during eating, standing up, and trying to sleep. I’ll be seeing a cardiologist again soon but for now I’d like some insight from other people as to what it could be. Thank you in advance.
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Try plant based diet... Godbless
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Keep finding new cardiologists until you find one that will help you properly. Unfortunately, many health care providers cannot heal so much as a flea bite on the back of an elephant's ass. Their solution if you can call it that, is to quickly put you on medications which only masks the problem and puts the patient at risk for that medicine depleting nutrition in the body that the health professionals conveniently don't disclose.(Because that nutrient depletion causes other problems to eventually occur) or- they really are that ignorant.
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