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Heart/Breathing complications when laying down to sleep.

I have had an irregular heartbeat for years. My doctor said it was nothing to worry about. About 2 years ago I started getting a feeling of being high when I was trying to fall asleep. I have always noticed that my heart would do all kinds of crazy things when laying down, but just learned to ignore it. The best way I can describe the feeling is to compare it to when I was at the emergency room and the doctor gave me a shot of morphine. You feel a very strong, warm feeling spread throughout your body. This is what I feel every night while going to sleep. It is, actually, just as strong a feeling as the morphine shot. Generally, it would happen a couple times over about a 10 minute period, mixed with all sorts of skipped and abnormal heartbeats, and I would fall asleep. I told my doctor about it and they had me do an EKG and wear a holter moniter for 24 hrs. They said everything looked fine. The doctor didn't like it when I said,"I've essentially been going to sleep high every night for the last two years." I was only referring to the feeling I get. I do not do any drugs and I don't even drink alcohol.
Over the last few nights, it has gotten really bad. The high feeling has gotten MUCH stronger. Last night was very scary. My heartbeat was very slow and sluggish, the feeling like I was having a morphine injection happened over and over for hours. Half my body went numb and I could barely move. I felt like I wasn't getting any oxygen, my chest felt like someone had their knee pressed on it, I had sharp pins and needles feelings in my neck up to my chin, and I was forcing myself to breath. I thought about calling an ambulance, but eventually fell asleep after a few hours. When I woke up today, I felt exhausted and my chest felt like someone had punched me in it last night.  I'm scared to go to sleep tonight. I don't have insurance, so my options are to go to the ER, go to my crappy free-clinic nurse practicioner, or wait it out and hope things get better. I'm only 38 and in pretty good shape, so I don't think the Nurse Practicioner takes this very seriously.
Does anyone have any thoughts, insight, or advice? Any feedback would be great! Thanks!
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I overlooked your post and only now when went back on pages I have seen it. I also have seen none of our smart people here had any opinion or suggestion to you to offer. Sorry about that.
Unfortunately I don’t know what to say, only can offer my wish that you can turn that experience in to useful existence instead of feeling bad about it or beeing afraid to go to sleep. Sure all happening to you (everybody) have explanation. As you know sometimes we cannot explain the happenings around us with medical terms.Because it is more then we could push  in to a "box".:) So doctors look at people like nuts and telling things:”all in your head”..etc…. Maybe you are meditating a lot and that is some sort of answer. Or if you are not meditating at all then you should. The answers for many questions are inside us, we just not listening.  You are sensitive that’s for sure. Celebrate it. It is a rare gift!    

One more thing you MUST start to do yoga breathing. Look in to it!
My Best to you!  

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do u think that maybe its anxiety or stress talk to the dr maybe they can give u something for it stress and anxiety can do alot to ure body let me know how u r doing
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