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Heart Palpitations: Is it My Heart or GERD?

26 Male. No drugs, tobacco, liquor, or caffeine.
Only health issue according to my doctors is Gerd/Acid Reflux and Anxiety.

So I get these heart palpitations that are strong and big beats. Sometimes I get squeezing ones which feels like someone squeezing my heart then my heart races and I feel weird like a shock and have to sit down. I've done all of these tests echo, ekgs, stress, holter monitor, and all negative. Only one left is CT scan Angiogram test but I'd have to take Prednisone to do it which is a big no to me.
Anyone else have similar issue or have advice?

Thank you!
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Always possible they missed some isolated Ectopy. Anxiety can also be a factor.

This shock/ sit down aspect though.. do you feel like you’re fainting or almost fainting when this happens?
I have no idea anymore what cause is or what to do. By shock I mean like the heart palpitation was so big, strong, or scary that it scared the heck out of me.
I've had this condition for over 30-35 years, heart beat flutters and feels like a massive dump of  adrenaline, I have two stents due to  coronary artery blockage and I have had 2  minor heart attacks and 1 very minor TIA stroke  , so needless to say I've had nearly every test possible and I would suggest going by my experience that  the condition you're describing is most likely anxiety, I would still consult a physician and possibly a mental health counselor for stress and anxiety.
Best of luck,
sincerely Scott
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