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Heart blockages

My brother has two blockages and in need of surgery but they cant because u have to take aspirin for thirty days. he cant take it because he will bleed out.. he has been hospitalized many times for aspirin related bleeding. He is also on dialysis due to polycystic kidney disease. They cant do open heart surgery because he has 99 percent chance of not making it off the table.
Is there a medicine they can use to help him. or is it hopeless.
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This has to be a terribly stressful time for your brother and all your family and friends.  I would strongly suggest a second opinion, and I'd suggest you get the best possible advice that you can manage, probably at a teaching institution in whatever state he live in if this is in the USA.  Wherever you live, set the advice bar as high as you can to get the best advice you can.  We wish your brother and all of the support group strength and hope.
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He is in memorial hospital in chatt tn. the best heart hospital in this area as far as we know. At this point we are afraid they will just send him home and take his chances. But if the blockages are still there.. the risk.. the high risk of a heart attack is there.. Thanks so much for your good wishes.. Keep us in your prayers please.. We are waiting tomorrow to find out what they want to do. I am wondering if they can even do anything without unblocking them.
I am glad you are doing well. Its good to hear success stories.
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