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Heart monitor for 18 days?

My bro who is in his early 20s went in with complaints of chest pain and they told him he needed to wear the heart monitor for 2 days and when it came back, they said it was completely normal.  Now they want him to wear it
for 18 DAYS.  He is so annoyed by it and its only day 3 right now.  He keeps complaining. He wants to take it off since they said for the first one, nothing was wrong.  Should he take it off or leave it on? I'm all for taking it off so I don't want to hear him complaining 24/7, LOL, but at the same time, I think he might get in trouble by the doc for taking it off and I really think its important for him to have a longer test to make sure there isnt anything wrong. But why would they want him to wear it for THAT long?
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Agreed! I think I might take a mini-vacation out of here so I don't have to hear him complain so much about it, lol.  But either way, I'm convincing him to tough it out and wear the monitor. Good advice --- thanks.
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He needs to tough it out and wear the monitor. It isn't that bad and if he does have a heart problem, it could pick it up. The first few days are annoying but then you adjust to having it with you. I've worn event monitors several times, a month at a time. No big deal. Better than having a cardiac emergency.
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well my friend has a heart problem and she has to wear monitors sometimes but not for that long. mostly they want to see if it was just a one time thing or if it will happen again. i would vote for keeping it on, just to be safe becos if he takes it off and something happens, then they won't get the information that may help him.
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