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Heart pain during EKG

Had heart pain during EKG, test came back normal. does me pain is not heart related.
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thanks ppowb went to ER with on and off again brief chest pain, i am 64 year old  well controlled diabetic male. ( last a1c 5.4 )  weight at 210 and I AM 5ft 8inch tall . walk 3miles and jog one every day, do not smoke or drink. pain started just when I just started to walk so I would not really say it was brought on by exertion. no history of chest pain. any way pain was present when they ran the ekg and it came back normal so they said it did not show up no worries.  they also ran high sensitivity troponin blood test twice both came back normal. my doctor is out of town a couple weeks so I do not no what to think. again thanks for your responds .
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Not necessarily true. Talk to your doctor on this.
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