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I’m 51 years of age, Sitting on the couch with in two minutes my pulse drops to low 40’s. Low was 42  Currently as I type this it’s 44.  Yesterday at the Dr,s my blood pressure was 140/70 ish.  It’s been creeping up over the last 3-5 years.  First time I’ve seen 140 though. I’m fairly athletic and exercise 6-12 hours a week at ALL levels of intensity.  Cholesterol has normally been about mid to upper mid “normal.”  And I don’t usually get dizzy upon standing.  Should I be concerned? I guess I should include I drink about 5 alcoholic drinks a day usually in the evening.
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Given the gravity of that question, I'd go back to that doctor and ask about it.  Might just be your device but it would be good to know.
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