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Heart rate question

I am currently on 20mg daily of nadolol which is a beta blocker my resting heart rate is 75-85 bpm. Once i stand up i am generally 100 plus i am looking to find a medication that controls and lowers heart rate without lowering blood pressure. something that is long term and long acting
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I take Bisolprolol which is one of the more powerful ones. It does nothing for my blood pressure so I have to take ace inhibitors for that. To give you an idea of the strength of this, I take 1.25mg a day and it removes angina. 3 years ago they insisted I take the max dose (5mg) and my heart rate wouldn't go above 25 and so they considered that decision a mistake. With this one you start very low dose and work your way up. I've had no side effects from this med and have used it since 2007. One pill a day lasts 24 hours for me. My resting rate averages 68 and When I stand up it goes to around 80 but quickly drops back to around 70 again. Obviously speak to your Doctor because suddenly stopping beta blockers can have some strange effects, such as upsetting the heart rhythm.
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