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Help with Hotler Monitor results


I just had a 24 hr Holter monitor test done, due to palpitations, a horrible thumping/pressure in my lower throat and feeling as if my heart is racing when it's really not. I started noticing these symptoms about 6 months ago, very sporadically, and they have been increasing in intensity, length & frequency.
I also had a ton of blood work done, and everything there looked fine, except my cholesterol is on the higher side of "borderline" high.
Also, a echo of my heart, which I haven't gotten results back from yet.

I got my doctor to fax results of the monitor test, because she referred me to a cardiologist, and I was concerned why. I was hoping to get a little help understanding these? My doc isn't going to personally follow up, and the nurse was less then helpful over the phone.

Heart rate:
min: 48bpm
max: 150bpm
avg: 84
>120 bpm for 31:59
< 50 bpm for 00:14
pauses: only 1, 4.5 secs

Ventrical Ectopies: 2061 (2%)
Supraventicular Ectopies: 22 (<1%)

Ventrical events:
Isolateds: 1999
Couplets: 28
Runs: 2
Longest (and fastest) 3 beats, 115 bpm
Slowest: 3 beats, 97 bpm

Supraventricular Events:
Isolateds: 22
no couplets or runs

ST Events:
St Depression: 1 episode, max -1.5mm

What's got me worried I guess, is two-fold...
One, that the other night (not included in these results) I had major pounding of my heart while lying down, and when trying to take my pulse noted that it was skipping a beat every 6-12 beats. This lasted for almost an hour. This was by far the worst episode I've had.
Two, if these results are "normal" and not worrisome, why am I being referred to a cardiologist?
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I wish I could help you :( I too was refered to a cardiologist and I have seen several that all tell me I am fine, well if I am fine, then why do I not fell normal???? I think the reason that they refer to is because they dont know what it is and therefore send you to someone who is supposed to know what is going on. I pray that you find peace with whatever is going on and that maybe you get a good cardiologist who can help you.
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I am not an expert but my advise is not to worry too much until you see the cardiologist.

What you described as "the worst episode I've had" are the Ventricular ectopics, similar to the ones already captured in the holter.

As I understand, the reason for sending you to the cardiologist is because those ectopics, usually are not important unless that you have any other heart trouble. so I would expect the cardiologist to ask for further test (including a cardiac echo) to see the structure of your heart and later will make his diagnose and treatment.

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