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Okay here goes.I am having some chest back and shoulder pain all on the left side.I have been to  the dr. I have had 2 ekgs done they say my heart is fine,also bloood work and a few urine tests..Last time I went the dr. told me they thought it was a problem with my rotator cuff.the front pain is probably right around the upper part of my sternum and it is in my upper back same place just in the back.My left arm also aches and my shoulder.It kind of feels like there is something rubbing together whenever I lift my arm sometimes I don't even want to lift my arm it hurts so bad my chest also pops.Has anybody ever had a Brachial Plexus injury and what where the syptoms (symptoms)?What about a Suprascapular Nerve pinch?Any rotator cuff injurys that also caused chest pain?I really feel like it is a physical problem and not a mental one.Any helpful ideas on what it could be.
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Hey Jake1717,
It is hard for me to answer your question accurately without evaluating you but I can give you some generally advice which might be of help.
Chest pain which gets exacerbated by position or arm movement is very likely to be non cardiac in nature, which has been what seems to be the results of your physician's evaluation.
Non cardiac etiologies of chest pain include musculoskeletal conditions (likely in your case), lung problems, food pipe related problems etc.
Given the fact that it is the arm movement which bothers your chest, it is certainly likely that this is a rotator cuff injury.
This is not an uncommon problem and a variety of treatment options exist for this condition. I would begin by seeing a primary care physician or a sports medicine doctor or an orthopedic surgeon who will be able to perform testing to accurately diagnose your problem and treat accordingly.
Hope that helps
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I have been to a primary care physician he wants me to get a MRI to see if it is a rotator cuff problem.He said a x-ray would'nt show if it was a rotator cuff injury I am just glad that someone finally told me something that sounds good!!!Would an MRI show if it is the rotator cuff?
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