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How accurate are all the Doctors tests and what are my risks for heart attack?

44-year-old male, unknown family history, only risk factor obesity, (BMI 30), Dont smoke and rarely drink, no drugs, only medical diagnosis has been GERD.  Okay now that the ground work has been laid here is my concerns. For the past 4 to 5 years I have had chest pain. It has been getting worse every year. New symptoms crept up, I became slow, meaning I need rest after doing work that I would be able to do before, I also noticed that feelings like anger or anxiety made the chest pain worse and made me feel dizzy and sick, the chest pain has now spread to my back and neck, my arms tingle. I have been to the emergency room a few times feeling I am having a heart attack, high bp presents and heart rate is high but it always comes back to normal after a few hours. I also noticed my sexual performance has been off. My limbs seem to go numb easy any pressure like sitting for a while and my legs fall asleep. I expected some slow down as I aged but this seems a bit concerning. My doctor ordered a battery of tests, multiple EKG, (results normal), LEXY-scan, (results normal), two years ago I went in for a CT 64 slice and heart work up, (results normal), blood work (normal), My Doctor performed this test EKG and blood pressure on multiple limbs don't know what the test is called but it was lengthy none evasive and done in his office. BP averages about 127/80, I was told it's normal, heart rate averages mid 70's normal, My weight hasn't dramatically changed I have always been somewhat big 5' 9" 220lb I have put on about 40lb since college. Here is my question what is my risk of having a heart attack and having all these tests come back normal? Could the doctors miss something after doing multiple tests, should I do another test? Sorry for the long winded explanation but I am at a loss here. My doctor is starting to think I'm nuts.
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Caring about your health and in particular your heart health is not nuts.  :>)  It's being prudent.  I'm glad all your tests are currently normal.  That should give you some relief.  What is your fitness level?  Do you have regular exercise?  I just read a study that regular exercise and some of it aerobic is essential for cardiac health and longevity.  NOT exercising was worse for you than smoking according to this study.  I would say that you need to get the minimum required exercise which is at least 30 minutes of exercise (walking, running, biking, swimming, etc.) 5 days a week.  More is better.  And lose some of the extra weight.  I'm no one to talk, I'm also working on this.  Sigh.  But a BMI of 24 is the sweet spot so getting nearer to that is great.  It will likely also help your GERD.  

Let me know what you think of this?
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Nope your not nuts... thjngs get missed all the time... I mean alllll the time...

Your last coronary cta was 2 years ago?

Have you had a stress pet of the heart?

Chest ct/cta?

Left and right heart cath?

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