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Like everyone who suffers with constant PVCs, I understand the fear and worry that goes along with it. My heart arrhythmia would last for hours at a time, I’ve called 911 and been to the E.R. a few times, was put on medication, told by a cardiologist to have a 3-hour heart procedure called a catheter ablation. It really seemed hopeless, but I kept praying and asking for help. I have not had Covid or the vaccine so none of my heart arrhythmia problems were related to that.

Just by chance I had to be away from my computer for an extended period of time, about a week on a trip far from Wi-Fi most of the time and noticed that they were greatly reduced in number and intensity. After that I did various types of testing, staying outdoors, monitoring them to see the correlation between PVCs and Electromagnetic Fields (EMFs), bought an EMF shielding tent to sleep in which is on the top of the bed, along with various types of head to toe shielding clothes. I bought a good quality EMF meter that includes the ability to test for electric, magnetic, and radio frequency, which is Wi-Fi, to make sure the shielding was working and to locate the sources of the EMFs. And thank God, it worked and solved the problem!

In my current living situation, I’m not the one who controls the use of Wi-Fi so it is around me all the time, but my heart is shielded from the damaging effects and I do not have PVCs anymore.

With 5G being introduced around the country the problem is only going to get worse, so take precautions. Try to stay away from Wi-Fi, hard wire everything, this if very important to know, even with a wired ethernet connection, the modem can STILL be broadcasting a Wi-Fi signal that you’re not aware of. Even if you disable the setting, when the internet company does a reset (which you don’t know about) they can automatically set it back to broadcasting a Wi-Fi signal. Wi-Fi is actually microwave radiation, many people don’t know that.

I had noticed in the past that the PVCs do not always turn on and off like a switch, if you’re around EMFs and then leave the area, they can continue for hours which can lead you to believe that they are not related. That is why many people may overlook the correlation. Don’t make that mistake, in my experience the harm seems to ‘build up’ and then it takes time for the effects to leave your heart. I had to stay away from EMFs with shielding clothing and the tent for enough time to let it begin to heal whatever damage had been done to my heart by the EMFs. Now I have gone for several weeks so far without a heart problem unless I let my guard down and go back to being unshielded then they come back.

Also, even though EMFs were the biggest source of the problem in my case, I also noticed that Melatonin the sleep aid, would cause a problem sometimes, along with reports of high potency vitamins that can cause PVCs. I changed to a 100% RDA multivitamin so as not to have one of my high potency vitamins cause any problems. Do some research on magnesium, which is very important for your heart, but don’t take too high a dose or it too can cause heart problems. You need to balance your heart electrolytes, potassium, magnesium, calcium, and sodium correctly.

An interesting thing happened the other day I was in my shielded tent and had put on a notebook fan which is separate from my notebook computer which was across the room. My heart started to have PVCs and I thought how could this be happening, I’m in my tent? I got out and tested the notebook fan with my EMF meter and sure enough the magnetic reading was off the scale. EMF shielding tents do not prevent magnetic fields that well, they are very effective at stopping electric and RF radio frequency which is Wi-Fi. Fortunately, in normal everyday life we don’t have many high reading magnetic sources around us, the notebook fan was the exception. So I turned if off and the PVCs stopped. We also have to be very careful with smart meters from the electric company, there is quite a bit of information online about that as well.

I’m writing all of this to let you know that there is hope, but you have to be diligent and read as much information as you can to protect your heart and your heath. Don’t let the telecommunication industry do to us what the tobacco industry did years ago. I’ve been instructed from health forum sites not to use the names of companies or doctors in my posts so I’m not able to let you know what products I’ve bought or books I’ve read but if you do an internet search you can find information on EMF’s effects on one’s health.
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