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I had a 2D echo cardiogram and this is the result.

Thickened mitral valve leaflets with prolapse oh the anterior leaflet (a2 and a3) with mild regurgitation.
Thickened roght coronary cusp and non coronary cusp without restriction of motion.
What is the meaning of this? And can it be prevented? Is there a solution or medicine?
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The mital valve is situated between the left atrium and the left ventricle.
The leaflets (cusps) of your mitral valve are thickened and bulge a little (prolapse) into the left atrium.
The valve leaks mildly (regurgitation).

Mild regurgitation is normally no problem, prolapse is quite common and normally also no problem.
Thickened leaflets can cause the valve not to open very well. The report does not mention restriction in motion of the mitral leaflets.

The aortic valve is situated between the left ventricle and the aorta.
The aortic valve has two thickened leaflets, but there is no restriction in motion.

With what is reported there is no problem.
I expect no restriction is exercising or something else.
Maybe your cardiologist wants to monitor your heart 1x/yr to see if it remains stable.
There is nothing you could have done to avoid this and there is also nothing you can do to make the thinkening/prolapse/regurgitation to go away.

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