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I need help!

My issue started three years ago. I quit smoking and developed PVCs. I woke up twice with a pounding heart the first week of quitting smoking. I went to the doctor and I had high blood pressure and I mentioned the PVC so they did a ECG. It showed some abnormalities so she ran my cholesterol which was terrible. My cholesterol was terrible and she sent me for a nuclear stress test which showed I had a blockage in the anterior region of my heart. So now I go to a larger hospital and they say I have to have an echo and angeogram. I an angiogram and comes in and tells me I have wide open arteries. I forget about it and as time goes on I start to worry again about those two positive test after my mother had passed away and I have some help anxiety. I even asked him at the time of the echo was OK and I said yes gave me no details. So now I get on my portal and I’m actually reading it after three years and it says that I have mild concentric left ventricular hypertrophy, the left atrium is borderline dilated, grade one left ventricular diastolic dysfunction. What the hell! They never said anything. IVSd 1.1 LVPWd 1.1 LA dimension 3.9. I’m absolutely freaking out and so upset they never told me I had an enlarged heart
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Hi, sorry to hear about your health. I would recommend you to consult with an experienced heart specialist. He will better understand your problem than anyone else.
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