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I would like help understanding findings on Stress Test, CT angio

Hi,  I would like help understanding the findings from my Nuclear Stress Test and CT angio.  The Nuclear Stress Test indicated a mild anterior and anteroseptal reversible perfusion defect from mid ventricle to apex.  No clear wall motion abnormality but findings may be consistent with ischemia.  Perfusion after stress showed mid anterior, mid inferior, apical anterior, apical septal and apex wall segments showing mild reduction in the myocardium.  All others were normal.  CT angio findings were normal.  This is why I'm confused.  Thank you
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Hello and welcome to the forum.  Thanks for your question and we understand that this is always concerning.  When is your follow up appointment to go over your results?  That is really important to have.  Your results show abnormalities under exertion or stress?  That would indicate insufficient blood flow and the beginning of coronary artery disease.  However, the normal CT angiogram is confusing.  

Some more information about yourself would be helpful such as age, sex and if you are a smoker.  Do you have any symptoms such as chest pain?

For those reading, here is information on the nuclear stress test.  https://www.mayoclinic.org/tests-procedures/nuclear-stress-test/about/pac-20385231  

With an abnormal result during exertion, I would think they will look further into this.  Please let us know your next step.
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Hi. Thank you for responding. I’m 49 female nonsmoking. The doctor told me at the hospital it was normal and discharged me. I’m following up with in 3 weeks. I have not been experiencing any chest pain. What started this adventure to the hospital was esophagus pain when swallowing and severe pain radiating to my jaw. The ekg was abnormal at the med clinic by the “t” wave going downward and the dr said it could be the left ventricle.
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Eithey they missed blockage or what sounds more likely is vasoconstriction?
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