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ICD shocks

I was shocked 26 times by my ICD because of broker leads.  The physical pain is horrific, but the emotional pain lasts longer.  How do you regain trust in your device?

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OMYGOSH!  I am so sorry to read about the shocks.  I can't imagine how scary (and painful) that must be.  Have you had the leads replaced?  

My dad just had his ICD interrogated yesterday and the doctor said there is some risk of the leads breaking (I think he has one of the faulty leads).  The doctor said he could 1) do nothing since he does not feel my dad would be critically affected if the lead broke. He feels he would have time to get to the hospital.  2) He could have a new lead put in to replace the broken lead or 3) He could have the entire unit replaced.  He chose to do nothing, at least for now.  The doctor said it would probably shock him if the lead breaks...From what you say, it is more than ONE shock!

For the emotional pain, I think you just have to stay informed and keep up with your appointments.  Take it one day at a time.  Prior to the broken lead, had your ICD fired in the past?  My dad has a machine (at his house) that checks his ICD/pacemaker every night. I think the doctor's office gets a daily update.   Do you have something similar?

Wishing you a peaceful and pleasant weekend.
Mine has a transmitted shocks monitor
Had 5 massive shocks in less than a minute
They don't monitor it's a joke Metronic
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Thanks for your response.  I'm sorry it took me so long to get back to you.  Yes I do have a cardiac monitor next to my bed that sends information to my Dr.   My entire device was replaced along with the leads.  The monitoring device however cannot stop the shocks in the event the leads break.  I had my device checked by the Dr. less than a month before the shocks, and I was told it was fine.  I would recommend your Dad having the leads replaced as soon as possible.  Once they, break the register artifacts as tachycardia.  The schocks are constant and at full voltage.  Again, thanks for responding.  I'm doing much better.
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that is quite a lot of shocks.  How powerful are the shocks?  I know they can range from a 1 jewel shock up to around 40 jewels.  I used to wear one and once got 15 shocks at the most powerful settings.  I almost went crazy.  my anxiety levels were almost unbearable.  Unfortunately, arrhythmias vastly differ from patient to patient so its hard to gauge one person's experience against another's.  What causes your arrhymias? and your tachycardias?  apart from adjusting your diet, exercise and medication accordingly, its all about stress relief.  I used to have a regular prescription to zanax but I don't recommend it.  I hope things get better for you.  I know these shocks can be a terrible thing to experience.  my heart goes out to you.  

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I just had a major shock last week while on the freakin treadmill I was fine and then I felt my heart going berserk! I was just about to get off when boom Shock! Six of them I was rolling around on the floor screaming out in pain I was so scared thought this was it! Paramedics were called stayed in hospital overnight turns out the device was set to low and had to be reset, I was told I could excercise again but the trauma of the shocks have left me scared and unsure of my safety if I excercise Im only 35 so far my heart is so much healthier since I got the device 3 months ago
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I'm a 39 year old female, and I has a defib for 2 years until it broke, I got woke up at 5:30am  to being shocked. The total count was 66 shocks every two mins. The paramedics came and refused to turn it off.  The shocks were full voltage, and I don't think its something I will ever get over. It felt like I was being shot in the chest over and over. I now only have a pacemaker, I'm told I need to defib, but I never want to go through that again. I have had nothing but problems since this happen. Today I found out my heart is having atrial arrhythmia's constantly. My heart rate has been staying between 80-100 and thats when I'm doing nothing, so they made some adjustments to the device and I'm going to most likely have to increase my medication. I want to know if all the shocks caused this problem. The stupid part is that the doctors knew my leads were recalled and they did nothing about it, so they broke and I paid the price. I feel for all of you that have had the same issue. It's very scary and you feel like your dieing and there's nothing you can do.
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I  got a defibilator.age 24 now 31 was a victim of 17 shocks in a row due to the nurse reprogramming it to dual chamber when only one was needed thank god I made it to the parking garage when I got first shock who knows what kind of tragedy could have accured if I made it to my car I now hae a dead battery for almost a year now and refuse to have it replaced.
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I had an ICD and last April (2013) I got shocked 29 time in a 2.5 hour period. The ER staff did nothing but give me adivan and morphine and the shocks continued till I blacked out.  I now have a new CRT-D to pace the ventricals and stop (hopefully) VT or VFs.  I'm 66 and live day to day still anxious about getting shoched again.
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I am 49 and had a crtd fitted in may this year. 3 weeks later I received 27 shocks in he space of half an hour and once arriving in hospital and being re-operated on I was told it was a faulty shocking wire. At the moment I have my defib switched off and just my pace maker on. The pain and fear was awful but the worst fear of all is having it switched back on. I can't at the moment as I am to scared it will happen again. I don't know if it's done more damage to my heart. I feel for anyone that has had to go through this.
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I recently spoke someone who had experienced the same.
Not 26 times though.
He was also worried to switch the now inactivated ICD back on again.
Still, a broken lead is not common, so if it is replaced the problem is solved.

In time, with the absence of shocks, you will regain your trust although you then might start towonder if it does work at all....
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