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Is it normal to have continued symptoms after Pericarditis is clear?

Symptoms started 14 months ago. It took 6 months to diagnose the pericarditis.  The inflammation is now clear, and all tests for heart are normal, but the shortness of breath, chest pains, dizziness, fatigue etc have continued, with little or no improvement?   Is this normal?   Is there a reason for this?
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Did they do a cardiac MRI? Checking for constrictive pericarditis??
The MRI is how they originally found the pericarditis.  A follow up MRI showed it was all clear
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It was just inflammatory at the time I'm assuming.  Have you had a left heart cath- and right heart cath with bolus to exclude that there is constrictive pericarditis happening?
This was done early on (before the Pericardis was found)to check for blood flow/restrictions which was very slight.  Are you suggesting that this is something we should test for again?
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Yes, I would.  But I'd do a a rhc and lhc with a bolus of fluid.  

There will be more coupling if it's constricted.

I'm going to pm you.
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