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My MPS showed a small focus of reversible ischemia. I was given the choice of proceeding with a heart cath or not. I'm confused. Wouldn't it be risky to avoid the angiogram?
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All I can add to this is what my cardiologist told me. I just found out that I have a large sized, mild to moderate myocardial perfusion abnormality at apical to basal inferior and inferolateral wall, with partial reversibility at the inferolateral wall. Seems the mediastinal border between chambers is slightly thickened, but only by .2cm so that's hardly anything. It's more the fact that my cardiologist said she saw problems on the inferior and left lateral part of my heart muscle, with suspicion of an MI (had to be a silent one as I haven't had a full on major MI) which caused her to give me the choice of either the cardiac catheterization - she did say that was the gold standard - or a CTA.

I opted for the cardiac catheterization procedure 1: because she said it's the Gold Standard, and 2: because over the past few years I have had plenty of chest CT's to monitor 2 aneurysms (ascending aorta and pulmonary), and it was noted that if I go with the CTA and they find something, they would need to do the cardiac cath process anyway which would then subject me to more radiation than the cardiac cath procedure alone.
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Is there any reason they think maybe it would be a false positive? I had a nuclear stress test about three years ago and it showed a small reversible ischemia in the anterior wall of my heart. During my angiogram they told me I had wide open arteries. However an echo that they told me was fine and I’ve seen three years later says that I have mild concentric LVH. I have no idea why they told me that was OK but my angiogram showed wide open arteries after the nuclear stress test showed a blockage. All this down for me quitting smoking and having heart palpitations which led to an EKG which led to an abnormal EKG I think I had an inverted T-wave.  I most recently found out about my echo and I don’t know what to do about it I’ve been having a racing heart recently up to 170 bpm actually.
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