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Kindly advise me

I am 45 years old male on 7.11.16, my angiovraphy was done report is as under. Kindly advise me on what should be done next? My symptoms are heaviness in left sholder and arm and severe chest pain
My angiography report:
Pre-Angio:f  Ao=120/80-100   LV=125  EDP=16  *mm
Left Coronary Artery:
Left main stem: Normal bifurcating vessel
Left Anterior Decending Artery:
Mild disease in proximal and mid vessel. D1 shows moderate ostial stenosis.
Left Circumflex Artery:
Mild irregularties.
Right Coronary Artery:
Dominant vessel with mild irregularties.
Anterior wall hypokinesia. Mild LV systolic dunction.
Ejection Fraction = 45%

Kindly must reply me
I am very greatful to you

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The angiography report does not describe very severe blockages, but as you mention symptoms of chest pain, the blockage in the first diagonal of the LAD (D1) must be the main cause of it.

The LAD supplies the anterior wall, so the hypokinesia of that part of the heart and the lowered EF (normal range 55-70%) could be explained by the stenosis.

I guess the quickest and most obvious solution would be to place a stent in the stenosed area. What did your cardiologist advice?  
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My cordiologist advice:
Medical management and life style modification advised. No need for any intervention at the movement. Please your further openion and advise needed. I m very greatfull to you.
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My cordiologist advise:
Medical management and life style modification advised. No need for any intervention at the movement
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If your symptoms (chest discomfort) are relieved with medication, that would be an option. If not, I think a stent should be considered if possible.

Lifestyle changes can be beneficial and will help to avoid worsening of the situation. It will not cure the already present blockages.
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