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L.B.B.B and Family History Coronary Artery Disease

I am a 44 year old w/f, weight 143, 5' 0" with a L.B.B.B. dx  in 2003, pasted episode of tachycardia.  I take Liptor 10mg for hyperlipidemia. Last chol. study was WNL. B/P runs around 130-120/ 90-80  I have had a Nuclear Adenosine Stress Test that was WNL 2 years ago. (Note: Nuclear Study was very frightening due to severe pressure in chest, headache, and burning red face.) I am healthy other than the above stated.

Family Hx:
Mother = decease s/p complications 4 vessel bypass and Rt. carotidectomy. Diabetic, HTN
Father = decease sudden death was to see cardiologist for ST changes and CHF. Diabetic, HTN
Brother age 64 = 6-vessel CABG at age 44. Hyperlipidemia on med. HTN. Stable
Sister age 53 = asympotmatic R.B.B.B. Normal lipids
Brother age 50 = Heart attack age 35.   4 vessel CABG at age 47. Morbid Obesity, diabetic, HTN,     Hyperlidemia
Brother age 48 = Heart attack age 38. Refused surgery got 5 stents. 2 years later 2 more stents. Heart attack at 48
                         with EF of 35%, had 5 vessel CABG. Hyperlipidemia (Note: Told he had small vessels in heart??)

Would a "heart catherization" be of more benefit than a Nuclear Adenosine Stress Test with my family history of heart disease. I am horrified of the thought of another adenosine test. The pain was like an elephant standing in my chest during the test. It really scared me. I know that it was just a side effect of the test. But, it was still frightening. It is time for me to go back to my internal medicine doctor for a 6 month f/u visit and to have cardiac testing again due to family history. What might u advise for a patient with L.B.B.B. and severe family history of coronary artery disease?

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