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Left Coronary Artery Blocked 99%

What are the chances of survival if someones left coronary artery was blocked 99% and suffered a massive heart attack, but had not gone to the hospital until the next morning, and then had to have emergency open-heart surgery?  The patient was taken to the "cath" but the doctors had to stop because it could have been deadly, and then went straight into surgery.  The doctors said there was no reason for the patient to even be alive let alone walking into the emergency room. The patient is mid-60's.
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The fact that they walked into the ER and was able to get emergency surgery right away would make me think there is a good chance of survival. If he made it through the surgery I'm guessing they have a good shot at getting him through this, although his quality of life may not be what it once was, that will depend on the amount of damage to his heart.

They can do amazing things these days, keep your thoughts positive and good luck.

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