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Left atrium dilated ,Mild mitral regurgitation.Risk of stroke or heart failure??

My mother aged 58 with BMI  34.Had taken her to cardiologist for regular checkup he advised to take echo test NT proBNP test and the results are given below:

2D echo with COLOUR DOPPLER:

Left atrium : Dilated

Mitral inflow study E 1.01m/sec  A 0.80m/sec
Mild Mitral regurgitation , Velocity across pulmonic valve 1.1m/sec and across AV 1.2m/sec
Trivial Tricuspid Regurgitation TR velocity 2.7m/sec 29mmHg CRVSP 39mmHg
adequate left ventricular function ,LV,RV,RA normal in size and function

Recently I have experienced palpitations in night when in rest for few 5-10mins.And from past 10 years on medication for hypertension
concor 5mg one per day and cardace 2.5 mg one per day

Is there any risk of stroke or heart failure?Dr asked not to worry much and continue same medicine  with regular checkups.Im worried about the dialted left atrium and mitral valve regurgitation
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Mild mitral regurgitation is normally no problem; a lot of people have mild or trivial/trace regurgitation in one or more of their heart valves and never develop serious heart problems during their lifetime.

Mild mitral regurgitation normally does not cause LA dilation.

The report does not say how serious the dilation is.
If the conclusion "dilated" comes from an doppler echo, I would take it with a grain of salt. It is not easy to measure the atrium size in a reliable manner with an echo doppler, especially if the patient overweight.

The conclusion "dilated" is an isolated remark. Her cardiologist weighed all the echo outcomes together with all the other info he/she has and came to the conclusion that there is nothing really wrong with your mother's heart.

So I think her cardiologist is right, there is no reason for worry.
Thanks for the reply !
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