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I have just started on Lipitor for what has been  determined to be a genetic predisposition to High Cholesterol level.  The physician wishes that I be maintained on 10 mgs. daily.  However the Rx. was written for 40 mgs, to take one half tablet every second day(since the cost of procuring the 40 mg tablet is significantly lower).  

Will taking 20 mgs every second day give me the same benefit of 10 mgs daily. Or, is it best to take the medication daily as oppose to every second day.  It is difficult to split this medication to be exact(I use a pill spliter);

Is Crestor a better medication than Lipitor in view of the recent study and exposure it has gotten.  Or, do they do the same thing since they are from two different drug companies.
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Lipitor has been shown in studies to reduce cholesterol and reduce cholesterol blockage that already exists. Lipitor is one of the best medications and a dosage of 10 mg is a low dose.  Take Lipitor at bedtime.  Daily would be better as your body has to adjust to the medication. Your doctor may move you up to 20 mg daily as your body adjusts.  
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Thanks for your suggestions.  Much appreciated.

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Taking this drug is always better daily.  Most of the time the best benefits come when you take it before bedtime.  I have been on chlor. meds for years.  I started with Zocor and my total chlor. was 390.  After 3 weeks of being on it, it dropped all the way to 150!!
These are amazing drugs and should be taken everyday.  On top of that I did not change my diet, the pill did everything.  Take it daily
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Thanks for your advice.  I had my cholesterol levels  tested after being on 10 mg tabs for three months and it was half what it was without any new dietary restrictions, although I do eat healthy for the most part.   When I came off for one month and had my blood tested again to see what would happen, I was amazed to find that my cholesterol went right back to what it had been before I ever took the drug.  So unfortunately I have a predisposition from both sides of my family.  Now, I have a few months supply of 40 mg tabs that I have to manage somehow to take so I will only get 10 mg per day.  So, I have a pill splitter.  But, I read that you shouldn't split the tablets.    I certainly don't want to waste my money, but I will know better before a refill is due.  Thanks for letting me know that before bedtime is the best time.  I did have some minor muscle cramping initially, but they have disappeared after about a week.
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