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Low active heart rate

I've had hypertension and tachycardia problems for years now and have also been on a beta blocker for many years. The past week or so though, my normally high blood pressure has been low to normal and my heart rate has been exceptionally low. I'm currently taking half of my very low dose of propranolol (beta blocker). So when active my heart rate which is usually 85-110 active, has been 60-70 max. And my resting heart rate which is usually 60-75 has been. 40-50. I'm not athletic, I don't exercise, and its normally high. Should I be worried? Is this like heart failure or something?
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Without taking your drop in heart rate into account I would say:
When your active heart rate is 70 max, then that is very low.
I do not know your age but (with a great margin) often the theoretical max heart rate is calculated as 220-age.
A resting heart rate of 40-50 is not so unusual.

And a few questions that arise are:
How do you feel at rest and during activity? (are you dizzy or out of breath)
How did you measure your heart rates?
Was that 70 heart rate max measured at maximum physical activity?

Taking into account that your heart rates were much higher, I would suggest that you contact your doctor and discuss it with him/her. An ECG is quickly made and will give a good indication whether there is something wrong.
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