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Low resting heart rate

I am a 36 year old male and my restin heart rate for as long as I can remember (teen years) my resting heart rate has been low.  I mean in the 38-48 bpm range.  My question is this, I work out and run, but not an abnormal amount and I am by no means a world class athlete, so is this something I should worry about.  When I work out my heart rate rises and falls as it should, but I was just wondering if this is something I should be concerned about...thanks

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I heard of a swiss biker that came to my cardio doc with a rate around 20 bpm.  I don't think that I would worry about your low rate.  If I did worry, I would ask a cardio doc. Jim Ryan the miler had a resting heart rate in the low 70s and he set records in his distance.  Other runners have a resting rate much lower.  Go figure.
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I am 53 years old and am in good health.  I also am not a world class runner etc.  I do walk 2-3 each week and live at 5000 feet elevation.  My resting heart rate is 42-46.  During the night when sleeping the rate can drop to as low as 37.  

I have been having trouble sleeping...it may be a result of my heart rate going to low....  I am currently getting a doc to look at my a little closer.
If you give me your e-mail I will let you know what I learn.  My e-mail is ***@****...  Doug

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Medhelp redacts publicly posted email addresses, for the user's protection, but you can PM (private message) another user, here on the site itself.  Just click on the user's name that you want to send a message to, and then look for Send Message on his page.
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