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LowBlood Pressure and Seizures?

My 20 year old son had a history of mild headaches for no reason at all, or when he was exposed to chemical smells, perfumes, bus/car exhaust.  He always got headaches in the car and a few times needed to go to the ER for pain relief...they said they were not migraines’ and Cat Scans and MRI was always normal.  At age 15 ½ he was coming off a sinus infection/antibiotics, when he had his first Gran Mal seizure after sleeping all night in a closed off bedroom with a new guitar case that was off gassing high levels of the neurotoxin, 1 methyl naphthalene. (Smelled like mothballs)  They suspect it was the resin in the foam lining.  He had an abnormal EEG in the ER 1 hour after.  He did not go on meds. For months after he experienced very frequent bouts of dizziness, blackouts, and pressure in his head, with headaches.  He had blood in his urine after a soccer game one time.  11 Months later he developed café ole marks on his back and shoulders and a few weeks later, while fighting a sinus infection, had his 2nd seizure while driving a car.  (He is ok.)  He started Depakote.  He again experienced very frequent bouts of dizziness, blackouts, and pressure in his head, with headaches for a few months.  He had a few more EEGs over the next few years which showed one discharge each time.  He remained on Meds for 4 ½ years with no seizures.  He still had headaches and got dizzy at times.   He went to a Doc who helped him with ridding body of heavy metals and toxins and went on a no sugar; no dairy; no preservatives; Natural/Organic diet and 6 months later came off his Meds.  He left the high altitude of Colorado, maintained his diet and exercise program and went to New Zealand & Thailand for 8 months.  2 months after returning to Colorado he had his 3rd seizure after fasting for a day.  He had just recovered from a sinus infection and was on eye antibiotics for a sliver in the eye.  (Glucose was at 62) He was put on Keppra 500m twice a day.  His EEG was normal 2 days later.  The pressure in his head was back, with headaches, dizzy and blackouts... (Never fully fainting)  He went to the Cardiologist and failed the Tilt Table Test after 16 minutes and has been put on 6-9 grams of Salt supplementation daily.  He still blacking out and dizzy with pressure in head when he runs or exerts himself. He has been strangely absent, forgetful, stressed, and foggy since the seizure 5 weeks ago.  His dizziness, head pressure and blackouts are back.  He messed up a few days on his meds taking only ½ doses each night (switched to slow release and just forgot what to do in his fogginess).  He had another seizure a few days ago.  Please give any advice you have regarding what to do, what to ask Epileptic Center Docs in Denver.  Are there test to get to the bottom of this?  What about his heart?  Could the Constant of Sinus infection/antibiotics be and issue?  He just told us that he has seen white, bright flashes off to the right side of his head for the past few years, but thought nothing of them...is this important?  Please Help!
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The white flashes sound like what happens when a person suffers from Migraines. I don't think anything here is related to the heart except the abnormal Tilt Test. He obviously has an issue with that and low blood pressure can cause the dizziness and pre-syncope. You never really said what happened to him while having that test done, so we don't ACTUALLY know what is going on there. You might want to write on some of the nuerological forums, maybe they can help you over there.
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I had a mother who would have seizures from chemical smells (dry cleaning fluid.)   The rest of us react to chemicals in other bad ways.   A son had seizures from bus fumes.

The low BP can be treated with pantothenic acid. I hope the naturopath had him on high B vitamins.

Low blood sugar can trigger seizures but that has not happened in our family.  (They just become combative! Heheh.)

I agree with the person who posted that the lightning flashes are migraines but want to alert you that too much B6 will do that too.

Keppra can cause brain fog but so can chronic fatigue syndrome. People with CFS often fail Tilt Table Test.

Let us know what his current status is.  I'm sure the neurologists have no clue.  :-P
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